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Public Institutions

Over the past several years Euroconsultants Bulgaria S.A. AD has provided consultancy services to the following institutions:
State institutions
  • Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works
  • Ministry of Economy and Energy
  • Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Greece)
  • Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace (Greece)
  • Regional Health Authority of Central Macedonia (Greece), etc.

Regional authorities and municipalities

  • Pazardjik Regional Authority
  • Kardjali Regional Authority
  • Dobrich City Municipality
  • Lesichovo Municipality
  • Strelcha Municipality
  • General Toshevo Municipality
  • Krushari Municipality
  • Tervel Municipality and more then 50 other municipalities in Bulgaria

In early 2009, Euroconsultants Bulgaria S.A. AD signed a framework agreement with Sofia City Municipality for the preparation of project proposals under Operational Programme “Regional Development”, financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Non-governmental organizations
  • Bulgarian Industrial Association
  • Business Centre Dobrich
  • Business Centre Isperih
  • Business Centre Pernik
  • Bulgarian Association of Food and Drink Industry
  • Chamber of Commerce in Serres (Greece), etc.